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Need To Convert All Your Clients' Transaction History to QuickBooks?


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  "We contacted the Intuit Data Conversion Department for a Great Plains to QuickBooks conversion project. They said they could only convert the list data and the few open transactions. We were going through an IRS Audit and it was critical to have all of our historical transaction data converted to QuickBooks. SDSI successfully transferred all of our data and in the process allowed us to make major changes to our Chart of Accounts. Their techs then reworked all the transaction history, about 811,000 records, into the updated Account structure. Our Trial Balance, P&L, Balance Sheet and A/R-A/P Aging Reports matched Great Plains exactly. I would highly recommend their data conversion services."                                 TJ, New York, Accountant



                                                                                      Clients switching to QuickBooks are needing to keep all their historical transaction data more than ever before. Organizations Management, QuickBooks Accountants, ProAdvisors, CPAs and Tax Consultants are finding increased demands to assist their clients in retaining their critical business transaction data when converting to QuickBooks. The reasons are diverse and on the rise: from IRS reporting requirements; to organizations facing stiff competition driving managers to implement business intelligence data mining and business analytics; to the increase in software obsolescence. The new motto is "don't leave your data behind".  


Business Data Retention Demands on QuickBooks Customers

  1. Customer Relationship Management, Sales and Marketing Customer Maintenance and Support
  2. Managers and Owners Requiring Advanced Cash Flow Management, Forecasting and Budgeting
  3. New IRS Tax Regulation Reporting and Records Requirements
  4. New IRS 1099 Reporting Requirements for All Purchases Over $600
  5. Multi-year IRS Record Retention Requirements
  6. Records Retention to Support Possible Litigation
  7. Insurance Underwriters Requiring Data Retention
  8. Business Intelligence, FRx, Analytics, KPI Reporting from Historical Transaction Data
  9. City, State and Federal Tax Auditing, Compliance and Enforcement Require Historical Data Retention
  10. Advanced Data Mining, Data Analysis and Historical Key Business Indicator Metrics
  11. Software Technology Obsolescence - Old Accounting Software No Longer Supported
  12. Business Compliance for HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, EEOC and OSHA
  13. SEC 10-K, 10-Q and Other Reporting Requirements

Advanced QuickBooks Data Conversion Services

Solution Providers, QuickBooks Accountants, CPAs and ProAdvisors now have access to fully customizable data conversion services from SDSI to support the growing demands of their clients. While Intuit offers some free conversion services from a limited number of Accounting applications, their services almost exclusively will only convert the List Data and "Open" Transactions. This leaves behind all the historical transaction data that has become so critical to the successful operations of the clients organization.  SDSI converts all your transaction history and is completely customizable. As the trusted advisor you can offer your clients fully customizable transaction history data conversion services from 120 different Accounting Systems from the most popular desktop applications: Great Plains; MAS 90; Peachtree; ACCPAC; DacEasy; and Microsoft Small Business Financials, Nonprofit applications like Blackbaud and Sage Fundraising to online systems like NetSuite and Intacct.

Because the operations of each organization is unique a one-size-fits-all data conversion service just won't deliver the results QuickBooks customers demand. Over the years QuickBooks accounting and IT professionals have increasingly asked for data conversion services that were completely customized and tailored to the requirements of their data conversion clients. As a longtime member of the Intuit Developer Network SDSI responded with the release of the first fully automated Peachtree to QuickBooks Data Conversion Tool that converted all transaction history. SDSI's advanced "Transaction Transformation" engine provides the industry's best data mapping, data cleanup and data conversion solution designed specifically for performing "customized" data conversion services for QuickBooks. The following is a list of some of the customized QuickBooks data conversion services offered by SDSI:

Convert From Current Releases of Peachtree, Great Plains, MAS 90, ACCPAC

SDSI can convert all your transaction history from all versions of the major accounting systems, this includes the most recent releases 2009, 2010 and 2011 versions. We can convert all your data from the current versions of Peachtree Quantum, Peachtree Complete & Pro, Peachtree Premium 2000-2011, Dynamics GP (Great Plains) 5.0-9.0, 10.0 and the new 2010 versions as well as the most current versions of MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500, ACCPAC, DacEasy and Microsoft Small Business Financials to name a few. Additionally as upgrades are rolled out to online SaaS Cloud applications like NetSuite and Intacct our techs can provide full transaction history data conversions to any version of QuickBooks US, Canadian, UK or Australian.

Custom Chart of Accounts

SDSI provides a list of Accounts in an Excel spreadsheet from data exported from the source accounting systems Chart of Accounts list. Accountants can then completely modify the Account Names, Account Numbers, Account Types and create or edit Subaccounts for use in the new QuickBooks Company file. This COA Excel Mapping Template is sent back to the SDSI Tech and is used to rework all the historical transaction data to conform to the new Chart of Accounts structure.

Custom QuickBooks Classes

Similar to the process with the customized Chart of Accounts, SDSI provides the Accountant with an Excel spreadsheet used to map the new QuickBooks Classes to each Account. If there already exists a Class structure in the source Accounting System, like Peachtree or NetSuite, SDSI can utilize the Classes for the data conversion to QuickBooks for all transaction history.

Custom Jobs and Job Costing

Clients can convert all their source Job and Job Costing transaction history to QuickBooks. SDSI provides the ability to completely restructure the Jobs to Customer relationships, Jobs Names and sub Jobs hierarchy and SDSI will rework all the transaction history to support the new "customized" Job and Job Costing structure. SDSI can create links to Vendors, Customers, Classes and Employees to produce the desired Job Tracking functionality required for each QuickBooks data conversion project.

Custom List Data

When converting list data to QuickBooks SDSI offers unparalleled control to edit, update, merge and delete Vendors, Customers, Items and Employees from custom Excel spreadsheets. SDSI will use the updated Lists to rework all the transaction data during the data conversion process to QuickBooks.

Custom Inventory and Item List Data

Inventory Quantity-on-Hand can be cleared, adjusted or match the source data based on the clients requirements. Inventory, Service, Non-Inventory, Assembly, Group and Sales Tax Items can be edited prior to the conversion process and custom Item lists can be merged into QuickBooks from external source files.

Custom Payroll Transaction

Payroll transactions including external Timesheet data for employees can be converted to any version of QuickBooks. ADP, Paychex, Thomson Reuters, MasterTax, CompuPay and many other payroll processing providers can have either summary GL transactions or completed Employee payroll transactions imported into QuickBooks.

Custom QuickBooks Integration

SDSI provides advanced data integration services for QuickBooks from virtually any third-party data source. SDSI can create new menu items in QuickBooks for one-click data imports for batch or real-time data integration. Data from Excel, CSV text files, XML, Access database, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Outlook,, SugarCRM, Microsoft CRM or any custom in-house system can be fully integrated with QuickBooks using our "Transaction Transformation" data conversion technology.

Custom QuickBooks Web and Cloud Integration

If your project requires ECommerce online shopping, EDI, Amazon, EBay, Yahoo or integration with your Cloud based internet system SDSI can create a custom bi-directional data link to your QuickBooks Company file.


Data Conversion Service Comparison Chart

SDSI vs. Intuit Data Conversion Service Comparison
Accounting Software  List Data & Open Transactions Convert All Transaction History QuickBooks Jobs and Employee Job Costing  Create QuickBooks Classes for Transactions  Restructure Chart of Accounts During Data Conversion
Customized List Data During Data Conversion
Intuit Data Conversion Service          
Great Plains 
Dynamics GP
Sage MAS 90 
Sage MAS 200 
Sage MAS 500 
Small Business Financials
Master Builder 
Sage Business Works     
Microsoft Office Accounting
Simply Accounting       
Solomon / Dynamics SL 
SAP / SAP Business One  
Sage Timberline     
Blackbaud (Nonprofit) 
Sage Fundraising       
Cougar Mountain     

*SDSI can convert data from all versions of the Accounting Software Applications listed above.

How SDSI QuickBooks Data Conversion Services are Different

  • List data is cleansed for duplicate and inactive Customers, Vendors, Items, Accounts and Employees.
  • Transactions that have data corruption are repaired and missing key data fields are corrected prior to the data conversion process.
  • Hundreds of SQL data cleanup scripts are run on the source data to prep the data to meet QuickBooks data format requirements.
  • Data conversion scripts are run against the data reworking transactions to meet the QuickBooks business rules requirements.
  • Invalid Transactions are reworked to meet the QuickBooks Transaction structure rules.
  • Extensive data cleanup, data conversion and data transformation scripts are run using automated SQL and C++ computer programs to eliminate manual data cleanup errors.
  • Chart of Account, Classes, Jobs, Customer, Vendor, Employee and Item List changes made by clients editing the SDSI custom Excel spreadsheets are incorporated into the data conversion process.
SDSI's Software Engineers created the only "Transaction Transformation" Engine a technology solution that enables complex data mapping, data cleanup and data conversions to be accomplished in conjunction with user supplied data edits and customized data mappings. QuickBooks users can provide changes to their Chart of Accounts, Classes, Jobs or any other list data item and the SDSI data conversion tools will automatically rework all transactions to incorporate all the user supplied custom data changes.

IIF Data File Import Utility Can Corrupt Your QuickBooks File

Why do the Intuit Tech Support department not provide support for the QuickBooks IIF Data Import Utility? Why is Intuit removing the IIF data file import utility from future versions of QuickBooks? There has been a significant number of QuickBooks users who have had their QuickBooks Company files corrupted after importing data into QuickBooks using the IIF data import utility. This corruption doesn't always appear directly after importing data and can take many weeks or months before the corruption is realized. The SDSI QuickBooks data conversion tools were built using the only Intuit authorized method, the QuickBooks SDK (Software Development Kit). Intuit developed the SDK specifically for software programmers to integrate with QuickBooks to get data into and out of the QuickBooks database in a safe, secure manner without damaging the QuickBooks Company file.

SDSI Peachtree Data Conversion a Significant Improvement Over the Intuit Peachtree Conversion Utility

SDSI created the industry's first fully automated Peachtree to QuickBooks data conversion tool years before Intuit contacted SDSI to discuss our data conversion tools design. The current Peachtree utility that comes with QuickBooks however has many problems. Not the least of which is that the tool is not updated in a timely manner to coincide with new releases of Peachtree. SDSI's Peachtree data conversion service supports all the latest releases of Peachtree Quantum, Complete, Pro and Premium including new beta versions from Sage.  In addition many ProAdvisors, Accountants and QuickBooks users complain that the Intuit Peachtree data conversion utility creates numerous unwanted Accounts in the Chart of Accounts list. The Bank balances often do not balance and the Trial Balance does not match with the source Peachtree Company file.

The most significant complaint is that ProAdvisors, CPAs and Accountants often need to modify the Chart of Accounts, Classes, Jobs, Customers, Vendors and Items lists and have the transaction history automatically restructured based on the modified lists. The Intuit Peachtree conversion utility cannot do this instead it uses a "canned" one-size-fits-all approach. SDSI's data conversion process is radically different allowing organizations complete control over how the data gets converted to QuickBooks. Customers can also "merge" data from multiple Peachtree files or other data sources into a single QuickBooks Company file.

Our Data Conversion Process

Our QuickBooks data conversion process is designed for maximum flexibility and customization. Every organization is different, has unique business requirements for making the move to QuickBooks and our data conversion process helps you get the most out of your data conversion project. Transferring data between various accounting software applications is a complex computer programming exercise and requires skilled database and software professionals combined with strong accounting expertise, SDSI has both.

To accomplish completely customized data conversions for our clients SDSI developed a series of data mapping, data cleanup and data conversion tools with matching custom Excel spreadsheets for use by clients during the. SDSI incorporates the "custom Excel spreadsheet" changes into our data conversion process to produce the clients new QuickBooks Company file. The following is a summary of the SDSI data conversion process steps:

   1.   First upload your source accounting data files to our FTP site or provide access to your online account.
   2.   SDSI Techs will export all your data into our Oracle conversion database.
   3.   SDSI provides client with a custom Excel spreadsheet for mapping changes to the Chart of Accounts.
   4.   SDSI provides client with Excel files for mapping QuickBooks Classes and Jobs.
   5.   SDSI creates any third-party integrations (ie., Payroll Data, Sales Order, EDI)
   6.   If need SDSI provides Excel files for Vendors, Customers, Employee and Item Lists for client editing.
   7.   Client posts the updated Excel files to SDSI and we process the data conversion to QuickBooks.
   8.   Our process is designed to be repeatable so users can keep entering data into their current system.
   9.   After the data conversion to QuickBooks is finished the file is sent to client for review.
   10. Client sets a date for the final go live cutover to QuickBooks. And submits any final Excel file edits.
   11. Client provides SDSI with their final source accounting data file or online account on the cutover date.
   12. On the cutover date SDSI creates the final QuickBooks file and posts the file for download by client.